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pokemon in my party and the rest are in my party that are stored away from my previous adventures!

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Lonely chibi me needs a home!!!
he's/me) he need's a loving, and caring mother, and big sister, or little sister, and loves to Rap, Parkour, and he's very lonely, and shy, and very recluse. He is 15, and will do ANYTHING *coughs* I mean anything for his mother, or sisters to love him for the way he is....HE NEVER EVER takes off the mask...His name is MackenZie Mas0n! please be nice n all to him


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Dreams of Horrifying Love

(( By:DarkLord15

((Darklord15: This story is based on a love story I’ve been coming up with for a long time now and I’ve not been able to share my stories as well. I found out I could go on this website and share my stories. I feel so much happier than just sharing my fanfics on my Facebook. It got soooooo boring sharing my creative writing on such a social wide network. Well……..onto beyond my story of life….we will join into a Pokémon love Story in a Poke academy with many, many twist that no one will ever expect, or most likely will see it coming. This story will have its main legendarie’s before X and Y came out. Our main Pokémon we will be focusing on so far will be Darkrai, Cressilia, Arceus, Zekrom, Reshiram, and even Meloetta! There will be even more characters along the way as we read onto the lives of many, many love interest form after Darkrai comes and even Zekrom. WARNING THOUGH!!!!!!! I might get very perverted or even beyond Pervertedness! NOW!!! Shall we begin this story???))

*The day was going by slowly as every single legendary Pokémon was riding the bus while Arceus the goddess of all life of Pokémon itself. As Arceus was driving it was loud with all the boy legendarie’s sitting up front of the bus, while the annoyed females and Darkrai, and even Zekrom sat together not caring at all, and even listening to music on their IPod’s. As they listened to music, a bunch of the girls were just talking about those two not being up at the front with the other guys.*

Darkrai: *sitting flipping through music with his headphones on, and kind of frustrated that he’s got to be going to this academy for legendarie’s to become a full fledge Legendary*……*he looks to Zekrom as he takes his headphones off* hey Zekrom…….tell me again why, we must take this retarded trip, and must succeed through our test in order to live on into our normal lives…I mean really….it’s just…

Zekrom: *sighs interrupting Darkrai* we must do these test n workout things and all, in order to be true adults in our creators eyes……so she doesn’t see that she’s wasted time on us and she’s made a full investment of her powers into creating us….her titans of mass power to help control the balances of nature and life and time itself along with space even….*looks to darkrai* Does that answer your question my friend? 

Darkrai…*mind: holy crap …..i think my mind just crapped out on me….i need to pass this in order to live the life…the great goddess arceus has given me…*…yeah…thank you Zekrom …that clarifies it for me…

Arceus: *sighs driving the bus through the clouds over to the academy for legendarie’s * well…….at least their excited for learning and becoming even closer as legendarie’s should be.*sighs and looks in the rear view mirror at the girls chatting and watching their lips keeping an eye on what their saying, and she sees that their talking about dating, and being with Zekrom, and even darkrai, which really blew her mind away, then she returned to looking at the clouds trying to remember which way to go as she’s driving*

Cressilia: *sitting with Reshiram in the same seat across from, Palkia, sitting with Latias. Then Cressilia whispers over to Reshi’s ear*….hey…are you hearing most of these girls…..they think Zekrom and Darkrai are so easy to take into their hands, but we have the upper hand….were their complete opposites that they are most…attracted to..*her face blushed when she said that word*

Reshiram: *giggles looking her friend Cressilia* your very great at thinking about these things my best friend Cressilia ^_^. I’m glad to have such a friend like you cressy.

Cressilia: *giggles and hugs Reshiram, and Reshiram hugs back.* yeah me to Reshiram… you’re the best as well ^_^. I can’t wait to live in the same dorm room as you, and darkrai, as well your man, ZekromJ.

Darkrai: *looks around and kind of smiled seeing that Meloetta and him locked eye sight on each other, and couldn’t give their gazes up on each other as well* hey….Zekrom save my spot…imma go talk to melly real quickly… *floats over, then sits next to Meloetta smiling at her as she smiled at him* hey melly ….why you sitting all alone? …don’t like to gossip as much as the other females on the bus? *snickers and hugs melly as she hugs him back*

Meloetta: *blushing and giggling holding onto her step brother Darkrai* my sweet bro Darky, you’re the best coming over here for me….and VERY …very grateful you did…because I don’t like to gossip at all…like you’ve just said before me. *smiled n kissed his cheek and cuddled close to him in his arms* mmmmm so comfy brother…. ^////^ he he.

Arceus: *smiles seeing darkrai, as he comforted his little step sister meloetta, as she saw him kiss melly’s cheek back, and held her close in his arms as they rested. Then after that she noticed Cressilia was getting a jealous look on her face, as Cressilia was watching darkrai, and Reshiram kind of quickly moved to sitting next to Zekrom smiling at him*… cute they all look…*giggles at all of this as she slowly drove up through the academy gates after an hour as gone by and she parked on the platform inside the academy barrier*

*as soon as she was parked and ready, she quickly got up and lead all of the legendarie’s out of the bus onto the academy grounds smiling at all of them standing in a bunch looking at her*


((we’ll just stop here for now because I can’t type for so long because I got to be on Facebook later and I got to charge my phone to be on it mostly all night….give me some straightforward feedback if you please…it’s my first story ive taken time into thinking and typing up onto….please don’t be rude about it either…I might even type up more if many people love my stories beginning and love my ideas of how im forming the story literally from scratch off of my brain so it was kind hard to be thinking about the plot and how to start it off…LOVE YOU ALL XD …lol yes im asking for you to give into my kindness as well ;3 :D :3 lolz TYPE FOR YAH GUYS LATER….byeeee …and yes im a guy))



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I love to draw and type fanfics and draw fan art of mostly Darkrai and other characters ive fallen in love with so much id draw them to keep them forever XD. I love art and music and typing/writing SOSOSOSOSO MUCH!!!! LOLZ XD....My Avatar image is me!


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